I played the [Kruspe] alto last night on Elijah. Very nice for that music. It almost sounds like a large trumpet and will work well for that kind of vocal music.

Thanks, it is a beautiful instrument and in amazing shape for the age.

Jay Friedman

Principal Trombone
Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I have worked with Noah in the past on instrument and accessory purchases and have . Recently, I asked Noah to assist me in selling my Kanstul Contrabass Trombone. With all of the website services (Facebook, CraigsList) available, I wanted to get assistance with selling a used instrument with the maximum exposure. And through Noah, I knew I would get all of this. Within one month, we had the instrument sold at the full price we were asking for. If you are looking to sell your instrument and want the widest target audience to view and purchase your instrument, I highly recommend Noah Gladstone and the Brassark.


John Ohnstad

Bass and Contrabass Trombone
Hillsboro, OR

Just left you a VM.
So clear
Truly what I hoped for.

Thanks!! -S


Freelance Trombonist and Educator
Seattle, WA

What a horn!

I took it to rehearsal last night and it played great. It’s little but has a rich bold tone and projects really well. I always heard that Bachs weren’t all that great for big band lead and were easily buried. Consequently, I have avoided them. Is that typically true? Not so with mine. Great cut, yet the tone has a lot of core, not at all thin or piercing. I am in love again!

You noticed that I referred to it as “mine” ? Yes, it’s a keeper!

It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and will recommend you highly.

Brian Fong

Quebec, Canada

Noah’s expertise and professionalism is awesome. He sold my horn and I had my money in less than 30 days! I highly recommend him!

Marty Harrell

Bass Trombone
Las Vegas, NV

Thanks Noah for the King 3B SilverSonic. I have purchased two horns now from Noah, one new and one vintage. He is a musician and has the ability to offer very good professional recommendations about instruments for an individual’s playing style and goals. I think this is a very rare quality, and one that will keep me coming back. I have purchased horns from ebay sellers, antique dealers, music stores and characters in online forums with sometimes disappointing results. My experience with Brassark has been very different. In this case, Noah recommended a King 3B SilverSonic from several he had in stock, had the modifications made in his shop and shipped it out to me. I couldn’t be more pleased as it turns out this horn is an exact replacement for a trombone that was stolen from my car more than 20 years ago in Chicago! It lets me sound like me! Thanks again….. Noah and Brassark have my highest recommendation. I wouldn’t buy a vintage horn anywhere else.

Rich Moss

Atlanta, GA

I should appreciate that you shipped those fancy horns to me… I spent 2 hours with Randy Hawes last week. We switched horns and played together, he feels the mt.vernon 50 has one of the best bells… I’ll keep both of them and bring the mt.vernon to Shires for a new valve set in the end of this year.

Sun He

Owner, Beijing T-Bone Music
Chicago, IL

I recently bought a bass trombone through Noah and his service and advice was amazing. He spent so much time talking through my options with me and working out exactly what kind of trombone would suit my needs and was always happy to answer all the questions I asked and offer lots of advice. Once we worked out what I wanted he tried over 10 trombones and had other people help with the play tests to give me the best detailed reviews he possibly could. Noah spent over three months working with me to find the best trombone for what I wanted and needed and always answered my questions with advice and considered opinions. Once I found the right trombone he had it fixed up amazingly by his repair tech Brad, who did an amazing job splitting and fabricating new levers and creating the new mechanisms with the miniball parts I wanted, even working over the busy Christmas season! Noah wrapped up the package with such care that the trombone survived the trip to Sydney with absolutely no damage. He even picked up a few items for me from the HornGuys and sent it all together. I was so nervous buying a trombone without ever playing it, but the comments I received from professional players both in Australia and in the US about Noah made me feel easier, and all the positive comments I heard are well deserved. The trombone is everything he said it would be and more, and Noah does such a great job creating a place where people can buy trombones of any vintage with such ease.

Joel Gilberthorpe

Bass Trombone
Sydney, Australia

Noah: Just a note of thanks for your great help. Hope this e-mail makes it to you. Thanks for your patience with all that crazy stuff. BEST OF LUCK with your shop! We will be in touch my friend, keep playing out there too, drinks on me.

Barry Mosley

Los Angeles, CA

Noah is an exception in the world of online stores and internet sales. A young gentleman with incredible knowledge and patience. I have bought and sold several instruments through his business and the results were exceptional. His repair guy, Brad, is also a cut above the rest. A great place to do business with real professionals. I highly recommend him and look forward to doing business with him again and again. Thanks.

Bill Hrnjak

Euphonium & Bass Trombone
Central Coast of California