Conn 14H Medium Bass Trombone c.1925

In the 1920’s C.G.Conn was producing an incredible amount of trombones in all sorts of specifications and sizes. Collecting all of these Conn’s over the years, I find that the variations from model to model are striking... it seems almost every horn was a custom order. This variation on the Conn 14H was produced from 1927-1932. It is a medium bore bass trombone with rotary valve to F and tuning in the slide. According to the Conn Loyalist, these are dual bore horns... however this one is a straight .547”. The slide is wide on these, ala Bach 42 width. The bell on my 14H is 8.5”. Originally, these horns had German style string linkage with a leather loop to actuate the valve. The previous owner o this instrument was a custom trombone repairman and fabricated the custom string linkage system on the horn now (I still have the original thumb loop parts). The sound of this horn is totally unique... think of it as a tuning in the slide version of Conn 88H.