Ed Kruspe Euphonium (Oval Baritone)

One of my most rare instruments, this Ed Kruspe Euphonium is a piece of artwork. The entire instrument is fabricated from ultra thin red brass ("Kruspe Brass" the famous alloy of copper, silver and who knows what else) and high quality german silver. The craftsmanship of this horn is simply stunning. Every piece is hand bent and each piece of tubing is rolled and seamed. The rotary valve casings are made from seamed nickel silver! This horn is all about details. There is hand engraving on the rim kranz and valves, handmade adjustable gears to change valve tension and amazing pieces of tubing. Most exciting, it’s a large bore instrument and takes a standard morse taper mouthpiece. The metal used is thin, it barely weighs anything and when you play the instrument, you can feel every note resonate. The illustration is from an Ed Kruspe catalog circa 1930.