The Bob Reeves/Brass Ark Mouthpieces for Trombone

We are pleased to announce a collaboration between Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces and The Brass Ark, creating an exciting line of premium trombone mouthpieces. Initially we will offer five models with more in the pipeline. Introducing, on specific request, a revolutionary shank system allowing customization for the professional to fine tune the penetration of the mouthpiece into their instrument's receiver. Various shanks and rim combinations are also available as special options.

Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces is a world renowned maker of the highest quality hand crafted mouthpieces for professional trumpet players for over 50 years. The Brass Ark, established in 2010 by trombonist Noah Gladstone, celebrates the love and passion for legendary brass craftsmanship and brings it to the forefront of musicians' minds through the development and cultivation of modern equipment that firmly establishes its roots in the classic designs of the vintage masters.

We are very excited and proud to see this mouthpiece project come to fruition. Bringing a premium line of hand crafted mouthpieces, available to the trombone community, has been a dream for both companies. The Bob Reeves/Brass Ark mouthpieces are some of the finest ever produced and we are confident that our philosophy of bringing rare and classic designs integrated with the modern mainstream has created something very special.

With regard to the design concepts: we were striving to find a mouthpiece that responded with vibrant clarity, a nice interface for the performer to get the maximum efficiency and production with the minimal amount of effort. The articulations speak with brilliance and definition, while the "bloom" of the tone is rich and full with a focused core that not only projects but enhances the quality and characteristic of your instrument.

Now available for immediate shipping! Sizes not in stock or custom orders will ship within one week of your order. Our sizes available: 11C, Clarke 6.5AL, Clarke 6.5AL Large Shank, 5GS, 5G, 4G, 5G-4G, 4G-5G, the "Mr. Bass Trombone" 1 1/2G and The "Orchestral" Bass Trombone and The "CV" Bass Trombone.

Not sure which size is best for you, or maybe you want something special and custom. Send me an E-mail and I'm happy to offer a consultation and guidance on how we can get you setup with the ideal set-up.

Bob Reeves/Brass Ark Mouthpieces:
Tenor Trombone Small Shank:
  • - 11C, one or two piece, standard small shank "Mercury Blank" 24.8mm rim, medium shallow cup. Ideal for small bore tenor and alto trombone playing
  • - Clarke 6.5AL, one or two piece, standard small shank "Mercury Blank", 25.35mm rim, medium cup. Based on the original 6.5AL mouthpiece developed in the 1930s, The Clarke is a versatile mouthpiece for all around playing. Works great in .508-.525" bore trombones.

  • Tenor Trombone Large Shank:
  • - Clarke 6.5AL, one or two piece, large shank, 25.35mm rim, medium cup
  • - David Rejano Cantero Signature, two piece only, large shank, Clarke style 25.35mm rim, 5Gs style cup, Mercury (solo) or Standard (orchestra)
  • - 5GS, two piece only, large shank, 25.55mm rim, medium cup. A brighter and smaller version of our standard 5G. Has a more shallow cup, tighter throat and special backbore. Extremely efficient large bore mouthpiece
  • - 5G "Gladstone", one or two piece, large shank, 25.55mm rim, medium deep cup. Special backbore with a "J" throat. Gives a touch more resistance than a standard 5G.
  • - 5G, one or two piece, large shank, 25.55mm rim, medium deep cup
  • - 4G, one or two piece large shank 26mm rim, deep cup
  • - 5G-4G, two piece large shank, 25.55mm rim, deep cup
  • - 4G-5G, two piece large shank, 26mm rim, med. deep cup
  • - 4.5G-5G, two piece large shank 25.75mm rim, med. deep cup (special order)

  • Jay Friedman Mouthpieces
  • - Jay Friedman Signature, two piece large shank Friedman rim based on a Bach 3G, special V cup and backbore. As used by Jay Friedman of the Chicago Symphony. Mercury Blank Only.
  • - Jay Friedman 4G, two piece large shank 26mm rim, special V cup and backbore, Mercury Blank only
  • - Jay Friedman 5G, two piece large shank 25.55mm rim, special V cup and backbore, Mercury Blank only (special order)

  • - *Two piece mouthpieces optional w/ Delrin rim on request, no additional charge*

  • Bass Trombone:
  • - "Mr. Bass Trombone" 1 1/2G 27.15mm rim, "GR" cup
  • - Orchestral Bass Trombone, one or two piece, large shank, 28.15mm rim inner diameter, medium wide rim, deep cup. A powerful mouthpiece that is extremely efficient while delivering the breadth of sound needed for the demands of the modern bass trombone.
  • - "CV" Bass Trombone, one or two piece, large shank, Mercury blank29.5mm rim inner diameter, thin rim profile, deep cup with special efficient backbore and throat. Developed with a legendary bass trombonist who has the initials CV. Also available in a lightweight version as the CV 2.0 model. This is an epic mouthpiece, one piece CV 1.0 $250. CV 2.0 $290
  • - Custom Sizes on Request

  • *Standard in silver-plated finish, with Morse taper. Remington taper on request*

    "Reeves-Brass Ark "Mercury" Trombone Line

    Inspired by a rare trombone mouthpiece made by a famous mouthpiece maker in the early 1920s (before he started a famous Brass Corporation in New York, Mt Vernon and Elkhart). We knew we could come up with an updated trombone mouthpiece that captures the essence of a bygone era. The new Bob Reeves-Brass Ark "Mercury" trombone line offers our standard pieces with the option of another outer shape. This new design yields a vibrant, timeless sound with predictability in color, response and familiarity.

    The Mercury blank is available on any mouthpiece that we offer, and only available on the small shank 11C and Clarke mouthpieces. Each size mouthpiece has a specific blank that is designed for that size, to help maintain proper visual proportions but also retain a balanced weight and sound. No extra charge for a Mercury blank.

    Product photos:

    Mercury Small Tenor Trombone (11C and Clarke):

    Mercury Large Tenor Trombone (5G, 4G, Friedman Special):

    Large Tenor Trombone Blank Comparison (Standard Blank, Mercury Blank):

    Orchestral Bass Trombone (Standard Blank, Mercury Blank):

    *Have a favorite rim or cup, but want one of our mouthpieces? We're happy to thread your rim onto one of our underparts or your underpart onto one of our rims. $50 per threading plus cost of the rim or underpart. Send an E-mail to discuss what you'd like and we'll get you sorted


    -One Piece Trombone, silver-plated: Retail Price $260, Discount Price $210
    -Two Piece Trombone, silver-plated: Retail Price $300, Discount Price $250

    -Reeves Shank Sleeve System: included no charge
    -Sleeves (standard morse, Remington, Euro and various +/- gradations): $35 each
    -Additional two piece Rims: $90
    -Additional two piece Cups: $175
    -Custom Rim Size $50
    -Full Custom Mouthpiece: $400
    -Hand Carved outer shapes, $90/hour
    -Goldplated additional $120

    Sleeve System
    Bob Reeves developed his sleeve system on his trumpet mouthpiece to help players fine tune the gap between the end of their mouthpiece and the start of the leadpipe. We thought it interesting to develop a similar system to allow trombonists to adjust the penetration of their shank into their leadpipe. Not only does it allow you tailor your piece to your instrument, but it also allows you to change the shank taper (i.e. Morse, Remington, Euro etc) without changing to an entirely different mouthpiece or ordering a new backbore.

    The Reeves/Ark sleeve system is available for no additional charge when ordering one of our mouthpieces. Each sleeve is $35 each in silver. An existing mouthpiece can be adapted for sleeves for $50 in silver and if you're interested in that please send me an E-mail for instructions on delivery times.

    These online ordering systems are designed to allow clients to purchase basic models. If you're after a custom size, lexan rim, ordering additional rims or cups or anything else that isn't listed here it is best to Send an E-mail. If you'd like something custom or just want some advice on which mouthpiece direction would be best for you, please ask me. I'm happy to help offer a personal consultation. If you order a mouthpiece cut for sleeves, I will invoice you for the balance of your sleeve cost.
    Please note that orders from Japan should go through our exclusive dealer, Joy Brass. Custom orders can still be ordered from me directly.

    Reeves/Brass Ark Mouthpieces Online Order Form- USA Customers
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    Reeves/Brass Ark Mouthpieces Online Ordering Form- International Customers
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    Mouthpiece Shank Options
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    Custom Stamping

    Karl Hammond Mouthpieces

    Karl Hammond is making some of the finest brass mouthpieces in the USA, used by many of the prominent brass players around the world both in a symphonic setting and for commercial work. I'm pleased to be his west coast dealer and happy to offer my recommendations for sizing and comparision to other brands. I do my best to keep a nice selection of his most popular sizes in stock, but can also order anything including custom pieces and unusual receiver tapers such as Remington shanks and Euro shanks. These are high quality mouthpieces hand crafted in Chicago.

    HERE is a Hammond trombone comparison chart

    The most popular Trombone sizes are:
    Tenor Trombone
  • - Hammond 13ML: Bach 6.5AL
  • - Hammond 12ML: Bach 5G
  • - Hammond 12L: Schilke 51
  • - Hammond 11ML: Bach 4G/5G
  • - Hammond 11L: Bach 4G

  • Bass Trombone
  • - Hammond 19BL: Bach 1 1/2G
  • - Hammond 20BL: Bach 1 1/4G
  • - Hammond 21BL: Bach 1G
  • - Hammond 21BXL: Greg Black 1G

  • HERE is a Hammond trumpet comparison chart

    Prices are:

  • - Trumpet $115 in silver, $165 in gold
  • - Trumpet Heavyweight $120 in silver, $170 in gold
  • - Trombone $135 in silver, $205 in gold

  • Greg Black Mouthpieces

    Greg Black is regarded as one of the best and most experienced mouthpiece makers in the entire world. I'm pleased to be his West Coast Dealer and do my best to keep a good stock of his mouthpieces available in my shop for trial. Additionally, I can custom order pieces for clients and usually have a faster delivery time than most avenues.

    Prices are:

    Trumpet: $135 regular weight, $160 heavy weight

    Trombone: $165 lightweight, $175 standard weight,
    $185 medium weight, $195 heavy weight

    I try to carry these sizes in stock for Trombone:

    Tenor Trombone
  • - 11C small shank
  • - 6.5AL small shank
  • - 6G/5G large shank
  • - 5G large shank
  • - 5G "Kitzman" large shank, light weight
  • - 4G/5G large shank
  • - 4G large shank
  • - New York Series 5 large shank
  • - New York Series 5.5 large shank

  • Bass Trombone
  • - 1 1/2G large shank
  • -1 1/4G large shank
  • - 1 1/8G large shank
  • - 1G large shank